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Investing in a Holiday House, Is Location Everything?

Before you deciding to buy a holiday home for investment purposes, it is crucial that you consider all aspects. This means taking your heart out of the equation and giving thought to rental returns  which means location really is king. When deciding whether or not to buy a holiday house or unit as an investment,…

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Borrowing Capacity for Investment Properties

When considering buying an investment property most individuals look around at the market, browse online at properties, make some considerations and then go to the Mortgage Broker to see if they can get a loan for a specific property. Though this order of events is not bad, there is a much simpler way to get…

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Making Your Home Loan Clear and Simple

Getting a Home Loan should be easy….. at least from the Client’s perspective. All the hard work, running around and detail is the role of the Mortgage Broker, so how come so many home loan clients tell tales of how hard it was, and how much work they had to do to get a Home…

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